If the Texas flag blowing in the wind outside isn’t a good enough hint of what’s to come, the “Don’t Mess with Texas” sign hanging above the cash register makes it clear. But the flag emblazoned with the word “TACOS” is a better indicator of what’s coming from the kitchen at Catty Shack, a c… Read more

At Sweet Soulfood, you can't miss the restaurant's health-conscious approach. There are fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies, a salad bar with vegan dressings thickened with avocado and cashews, and many dishes that swap meat substitutes for the real thing. Read more

Veggie burgers never have been my thing. They bring to mind college days, when mealy patties stuffed with black beans and grains were seemingly everywhere, and almost always a letdown. Give me a burger cooked medium rare, juicy and just the tiniest bit bloody with plenty of char and crust, t… Read more

When Donald "Chef D" Smith returned home to New Orleans a couple of years ago, he wanted to open a restaurant that spoke to the food he ate while growing up in the city. Smith had plenty of experience doing that, having opened and run several restaurants in Oakland, California that specializ… Read more

A few years ago, it was difficult to find restaurants specializing in ramen in New Orleans and almost impossible to find poke, the Hawaiian-inspired raw fish salad. Now the two dishes are riding a trend, and restaurants serving them are sprouting up across the city. The latest is Momo Ramen … Read more