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Gain access to the most influential butcher in the world, Dario Cecchini, with Dickie Brennan & Co.’s upcoming Italian experiences:

On Tuesday, May 8 at 10:30 AM, see Dario demonstrate his skills at Butcher for a Day, where he will prepare a side of Louisiana beef and swine for the Butcher’s Dinner that night. This event will mirror the popular experience Dario offers guests visiting his shop in Panzano, Italy. Only 100 tickets are available, so buy now to see the master at work.

*Note: this event is not for the faint of heart!

Later that night, attend the Butcher’s Dinner at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, where the meat prepared that morning will be the focal point of a coursed meal cooked by 4th Generation Brennan Family Chefs Georgie Brower and Richard Brennan and Dario himself. The courses will be paired with wine selections from Castello di Ama. See menu here. Seating times begin at 5 pm and last until 9 pm.

Then, on May 9 at 6:30 PM, the culinary series will close with an incredible offering of a flight of traditional Fiorentina steaks at Dickie Brennan’s Tableau. The Florentine Steak Picnic will feature 5 different cuts of steak and, cooked on outdoor grills by Dario and the Dickie Brennan & Co. culinary team. See menu here.

Attend 1, or attend all – it would definitely be a “mis-steak” to miss this!