Global-E, a Northshore-based car manufacturing team developing a 100-MPGe (miles per gallon or energy equivalent) car, will compete with 41 international teams (totaling 51 cars) in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize competition in Michigan this spring in a race to produce a commercially viable 100-MPGe car. The winning team takes home a $10 million prize. The competition kicks off April 26 with a closed-door "shakedown" round and continues in June, with the remaining 25-40 cars undergoing a series of tests checking fuel efficiency, handling, emissions and more. Each car must meet at least two-thirds of the intended 100 MPGe before continuing to the final testing rounds. The winner will be announced in Washington, D.C., in September.

  The Global-E team is readying the E1, a six-passenger crossover hybrid. Last November, Global-E debuted its Pulse, a 70- to 100-MPGe four-door, five-passenger car. — Alex Woodward