There's a lot to see and do in New Orleans, both on and off the beaten path. We matched up a few of our favorite WWE® Superstars and Divas with some sights and experiences we felt might suit them— or any other WrestleMania® 30 Week visitor!

John Cena® — World War II Museum

John Cena, one of WWE's top Superstars, is no stranger to New Orleans: he's filmed several movies here. Since he's also renowned for how much he respects and supports the US Armed Forces, Cena would surely appreciate our city's massive, one-of-a-kind World War II Museum.

Kofi Kingston® New Orleans' Comic Shops

Even the graphics on Kofi's ring gear show off his fondness for funny books. At Crescent City Comics on Freret Street and More Fun Comics on Oak Street, the high-flyer can stock up on reading material and then kick back in the bohemian ambiance offered by these two offbeat commercial districts.

Ryback® — Jack Dempsey's

The man who chants "Feed Me More" is guaranteed to get all the local seafood he can handle at Jack Dempsey's, a neighborhood institution worth the cab ride from downtown. But the best restaurant in the Bywater does keep eccentric hours, so the Big Guy had better call ahead.

Roman Reigns™ — The Besthoff Sculpure Park

This brooding, ridiculously handsome bad boy is a statuesque work of art. He'd feel right at home among the other gorgeous pieces of art in the free and visually magnificent Besthoff Sculpture Garden, next door to the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park.

Darren Young® Lakefront Fishing

Darren Young is a workhorse who calls himself "Mr. No Days Off," but Darren, when you're in New Orleans, we insist: take a day off! For this driven young Superstar, we prescribe a quietly unambitious afternoon of freshwater fishing along the relaxing and low-key lakeshore of Lake Pontchartain.

Cesaro™ — New Orleans Independent Bookstores

In our city's marvelous selection of independent and used bookstores, especially in and around the French Quarter, the cultured Swiss Superman can find unusual and intriguing literature in many languages. We know Cesaro speaks five languages; at shops like Arcadia Books on Orleans Ave., he can find works written in all five!

Batista® — Fair Grounds Race Course

Despite being an unleashed animal inside the ring, Batista's choices in street clothes have made clear he's among the sharpest fashion plates in WWE. At the Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleanians often enjoy dressing to the nines for a classy, but laid-back afternoon watching the thoroughbreds run.

Naomi™ — New Orleans Bounce Clubs

Naomi, the former dancer whose remarkable arsenal is backed up by a move called the Rear View, might enjoy shakin' it as many locals do to the homegrown, high-energy dance genre called Bounce Music, a style entailing maneuvers for which her awesome assets are ideal. Try Encore on Tulane Avenue or Saturday night at the St. Roch Tavern.

Wade Barrett® — The New Orleans Botanical Garden

We've got some good news for the British buzzkill: Barrett, often seen with a fresh rose on his lapel, can enjoy dozens of varieties of roses, as well as countless other species of plants, in City Park's stunning and stately Botanical Garden.

Sheamus® Frenchmen Street

The Irish Hooligan who loves a rousing old-country tune can find more than one along Frenchmen Street, a hotbed for live traditional music in many genres. If he brings his tin whistle and buys enough pints to share, an obliging band might even let him sit in!

Bray Wyatt™ — Saint Louis Cemetery #1

Bray Wyatt might benefit from some quiet contemplation at the tomb of Marie Laveau, a legendary Voodoo Queen who chose to use her powers and influence in positive ways. It's just one of the many tombs in this historical and spooky aboveground cemetery.

Goldust® — The French Quarter

Goldust might as well hang around the French Quarter, which has a history of colorful neighborhood characters. As night falls around Bourbon & St. Ann, even the bewigged and gold-painted Superstar they call "The Bizarre One", can blend comfortably into the crowd..

Damien Sandow™ — The Louisiana Research Collection

This erudite WWE Superstar once described himself as "the avenging sword of taste and decency" and employed a scribe named Ignatius; he might well have local roots. He should spend time digging into his genealogy at Tulane University's Louisiana Research Collection, which is open to the public most weekdays.

Luke Harper™ — St. Claude Avenue

New Orleans is a place for everyone. The humongous Harper might be a wild-eyed hobo-bearded giant in a stained undershirt and dirty coveralls, but there's plenty just like him along the "hip" stretch of Saint Claude Avenue, which also happens to be rife with interesting music, art galleries and worthwhile local theater.

A.J. Lee™ — The Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

It may sound like a recipe for disaster to send WWE's own Black Widow into a building full of bugs, but we bet the Diva who defined the division's bejeweled butterfly belt would get a buzz out of the informative displays of creepy-crawlies, beautiful butterflies and exotic arachnids at the Insectarium on Canal Street...whether or not she chows down on the chocolate-covered crickets in the gift shop.