Dueling juicers

Williams-Sonoma representatives demonstrate two different juicing strategies using two different machines. The audience gets to taste samples (while supplies last) and decide which method they prefer.

11:30 am


Watch dancers demonstrate the popular Latin-inspired cardio fitness program Zumba, which incorporates easy-to-follow salsa, merengue and cha-cha moves with interval and resistance training to tone and sculpt the body and burn fat while having fun.


Let's do the Bokwa

Bokwa is a new approach to group exercise that is gaining popularity worldwide. Participants move together to popular music, drawing letters and numbers with their feet — the Bokwa is L, 3, J and K — and performing dozens of other moves that together make up the cardio workout. Best of all, they burn up to 1,200 calories in one workout.

12:30 pm

Lifting and sitting

Magnolia Physical Therapy will demonstrate proper techniques for lifting objects and will discuss ergonomics in the workplace and the benefits of physical therapy.


Rubber band glam

Hesh Bolno of Touro Wellness Center presents an interactive demonstration of resistance band strength training.


The arts of combat

Elmwood Fitness Center's Les Mills conducts a class in Body Combat, a series of aerobic exercises that build cardiovascular fitness and stamina while conditioning the muscles and toning the whole body.


Arts of combat II

Elmwood Fitness Center's Les Mills demonstrates Body Combat, an energetic program inspired by a variety of martial arts disciplines.

2:30 pm

They'll Zumba for you

Elmwood Fitness Center demonstrates Zumba, a dance fitness program that uses principles of fitness intervals training and resistance training to maximize the calories and fat burned while sculpting the body — all by following easy dance steps to a fusion of Latin and international music.


Huey P. Long run

Learn how to train for the inaugural 5-kilometer Father's Day race that celebrates the widening of the Huey P. Long Bridge.