Party Planning Checklist_lowres


Allow six weeks if it is a very large function or if outside services are required. If you use an event planner/coordinator, use this schedule to check on his or her progress

1 month before the party:

Decide on the particulars:


____Type of party



____Guest list


3 weeks before the party:

____Choose menu

____and  frozen or stored in the refrigerator.

____Hire any needed outside services

____Inventory linens, tableware, glassware, chairs and tables, serving platters and utensils, etc., and acquire what you need

____Buy wine, beer and  liquor

____Shop for nonperishable items

____Buy decorations__________________________________

1 week before the party:

____Firm up your RSVP list

____Prepare any food that will remain fresh

____Make a final shopping list

____Defrost frozen foods

____Clean venue if required; wash serving pieces, de-spot glasses and polish silver

____Set tables and put up decorations, special activities, etc. (day before party, if possible)__________________________________

Day of the party

____Set up serving area

____Set out flowers

____Make sure bathrooms are clean and stocked with hand towels and toilet paper

____Finish preparing food

____About four hours before the party, start chilling sparkling and white wines.For a more detailed checklist,

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