yessie jame.Z promo photo

yessie jame.Z with Josh LeBlanc, aka Serpentine Man

With 13 Dreams, his New Orleans duo with vocalist Justin Batiste, Jesse Zenon debuted his interpretations of lush R&B, funk and soft-focus dance music, full of delicate layers of keyboards and percussive textures, given a name on the band’s appropriately titled 2016 debut “Post Gospel Disco.”

While performing as a touring keyboardist and sampler with Louisiana’s GIVERS, Zenon started working on stray ideas, hoping to pair his new electronic compositions with a cast of vocalists for a “more producer-type album,” he says. “I’m just curious what each collaboration will bring out.”

This summer, as yessie jame.Z, he’ll release the EP “Something to forget about what you don't care, you never knew existed,” on which he partners with a different vocalist for each track.

Justin Batiste and Jesse Zenon met shortly before they argued until 5 a.m. inside The Club/Ms. Mae's, somehow sparking a relationship that tur…

For the single “Drown You Out (You Saved Me)” he teamed up with GIVERS bassist Josh LeBlanc, aka Serpentine Man; the pair locks into vocoder grooves with brain-massaging melody shifts before accelerating into a four-on-the-floor dance track. Kirby Campbell also did some additional mixing and production work.

Andrew Balfe animated the video, rendered in 3-D and warped by digital distortion and psychedelic pastels bouncing around a liquid clown-like figure. It premieres below.