Preview: Montreal post-punk band Ought comes to Siberia_lowres


In the past six months, New Orleans has been a port of call for the fast-twitch jitterbugs of Parquet Courts and the deathly drones of Protomartyr. In this post-punk triangle, consider Ought the hypotenuse: The Montreal-based quartet's tyranny-of-choice rants — so Mark E. Smith they practically demand a Peel Session — close the existential loop between the latter's crypt-keeping expiration-date reminders and the former's vibrant, probiotic liveliness. Ought comprises four non-Canadians who came together amid the so-called Maple Spring of 2012, a viral series of student protests in Quebec over university tuition hikes, and the band's twin studio LPs, 2014's More Than Any Other Day and last year's Sun Coming Down (Constellation), thrive off the tensile momentum of a repressed object on the verge of breaking loose. "I'm no longer afraid to die / Because that is all that I have left," Tim Darcy blows through his nose on "Beautiful Blue Sky," a choral placeholder wedged between barked verses that alternate from capitalist propaganda flashes ("War plane / Condo / New development") to hilariously unpleasant suburban pleasantries ("How's the family! Beautiful weather today! Fancy seeing you here!") — a bad case of the heebie-jeebies by way of CBGB. Priests, Gland and TV-MA open. Tickets $8.