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For close to a decade, Danny Brown has been hip-hop’s weird older brother — the one dad kicked out of the house but mom still loves. He broke into the mainstream in 2011 at age 30 with his second studio album, “XXX.” At the time, he was gap-toothed and sported a scraggly mane. In his high-pitched, nasally voice, he rapped about deeply personal themes including pill addiction and suicidal thoughts, but always with a detached irony that made it hard to tell how serious he was. In 2016, he released “Atrocity Exhibition,” a passion project full of experimental production and off-kilter flows. This year, he’s back with “uknowhatimsayin¿,” which was produced by Q-Tip and finds Brown in a better mental place than he has been since he started his run. His rhymes have retained their humor, but there’s less of the graveside menace. Seeing Brown with a crew cut and straight teeth may be jarring for some longtime fans, but his new look suits him. He no longer may be an object of morbid fascination, but he’s come into his own as a legend of hip-hop’s new old guard.

At 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16, at Republic NOLA, 828 S. Peters St., (504) 528-8282. Tickets $25-$35.