Preview: Black Lips with the King Khan & BBQ Show_lowres


At this point — with the feuds, fallouts, breakups and makeups — the King Khan & BBQ Show (pictured) is a quarter nelson away from being a WWE draw. There's more: the sweat and skin, the onstage acrobatics and luchador masks, the rowdy crowds and press releases with references to budget Thai massages, Ex-Lax fingers, bile, blood, semen, fingernail clippings, shaved anuses and tears licked from the faces of dwarves dressed up like hot dogs. (OK, maybe that last part got away from them.) It's all part of an elaborate rebranding for King Khan & BBQ Show, who, after reuniting (again) last year, reportedly ran into some legal trouble from a Berlin barbecue joint with a suspiciously similar name, "King Khan Und BBQ." Thus, after this "farewell" tour — which commences, with fellow Almighty Defenders and Underneath the Rainbow (Vice) dwellers Black Lips as headliners, this week at Tipitina's — the chop-shop doo-wop duo will once more be known by their original moniker, Bad News Boys. I'd hate to see what they do with that banana. Tickets $15 in advance, $17 day of show.