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Raised in the underbelly of New York’s experimental music scene, Margaret Chardiet (Pharmakon) came of age at 19 in 2009 with her self-titled debut EP. Since then, she’s become a distinguished voice in harsh noise. She signed with Sacred Bones Records, a tastemaker of all things weird, and has released four excellent full-length albums with the label in the past six years.

On “Bestial Burden,” her sophomore LP, she explored her relationship with her body as an autonomous vessel after undergoing emergency surgery. She released her latest album, “Devour,” at the end of August, and it dives deeper into themes of corporeal self-sabotage, this time through the lens of autocannibalism.

Chardiet’s music is abrasive but precise. It is concerned with capturing distinct horrors rather than generating fear for its own sake. Her intense, visceral solo show has gathered devoted fans in New York and beyond and earned her a spot opening for Swans in Europe in 2014. Touring behind her most terrifying project yet, she is as fearsome as ever.

Mutant, Special Interest and Angel Inertia open at 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20, at Santos Bar, 1135 Decatur St., (504) 605-3533; Tickets $10.