Guts Club by Steven Rodrigues (copy)

Four years and three albums into her music career, Lindsey Baker, the force behind Guts Club, remains inscrutable.

Baker began work on her home-recorded, brooding 2015 masterpiece “The Arm Wrestling Tournament” in Brooklyn, where she lived briefly while working long hours at a Whole Foods Market and pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture.

For her following album, “Shit Bug,” she added instrumentalists, but their parts were recorded based on Baker’s GarageBand demos, and they never rehearsed as a group. Like her first project, “Shit Bug” is sinister, with darkness bubbling just below the surface of its simple folk jams.

It wasn’t until her latest effort, 2018’s “Trench Foot,” that Guts Club’s membership grew to more than one. For its recording, Baker’s live band joined her in the studio, and she ceded some creative input to her players. The album sounds much less introspective than the previous two, but its themes are just as dark.

On the standout track “Bad Aim,” her protagonist is tied to the side of a mountain and eaten by coyotes. The song contains the heartbreaking lyric, “I used to cry all night, but now I just sleep / Time moves faster that way.” Blending personal pain and allegorical violence, Baker creates her own powerful brand of folk music.

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