Angel Olsen’s musical career has been a slow burn toward pop extravagance. She was born in St. Louis, adopted by her foster parents at age 3 and always drawn to music. In middle school, she wanted to be a pop star, but that changed in high school, when she went to punk and noise rock shows.

Olsen released her first EP, “Strange Cacti,” in 2010 at 23. It was a messy collection of bedroom folk songs eerily purified by her idiosyncratic voice. Her subsequent releases followed suit, until her album “Burn Your Fire for No Witness” broke the mold in 2014. Producer John Congleton, who won a Grammy award for producing a St. Vincent’s self-titled album, left Olsen’s devastating lyrics intact but scrapped her DIY aesthetic for a more polished approach.

In 2016, the album “My Woman” ignited Olsen’s explosion as a pop sensation, with tight, catchy tracks and a full, amplified backing band behind almost every song. “All Mirrors,” released Oct. 4 by Jagjaguwar, takes her new sensibility a step further, adding a 12-piece string section to heighten its melodrama. What the record lacks in pre-production rawness it makes up for with sheer force.

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