Guts Club by Steven Rodrigues

Lindsey Baker's Guts Club releases "Trench Foot" July 6.

Following her second album as Guts Club, 2016's brittle folk doom-soothsayer Shit Bug, Lindsey Baker assembled a full band to swim in murky electric twang for third release Trench Foot, out July 6. Baker's voice hides in the creaking floorboards of each line and syllable, and its sharp edges ripple above the band on Trench Foot's 10 songs spanning alienation and outrage, "regret, privilege and retribution."

Directed by Steven Rodrigues, the music video for Trench Foot's title track, premiering below, follows Baker by drone through a mysterious bayou landscape, shovel in hand, propelled by a shuffling electrified country blues.

"I let him spend some time with the song, told him I wanted to drag a shovel through the woods, and he came up with some really great shots," Baker told Gambit. "The record marks kind of a huge change for me being that it's fully electric with a really hands-on band so it just really felt like it was time to trust someone else with my narrative/imagery — and like making music with others, making videos with others is super rewarding."

Baker says "Trench Foot" is a "metaphor heavy song that could have spawned a really ridiculous video but instead was appropriately complimented by Steven's visuals."

Guts Club releases Trench Foot at 10 p.m. Friday, July 6 with Blind Texas Marlin and Justin Ready & the Echo Prairie.