People Museum by Daniel Grey

People Museum

On their recently released full-length album "I Dreamt You In Technicolor," Claire Givens and Jeremy Phipps — as the experimental pop duo People Museum — thread emotional narratives through synthetic textures, with warbling synthesizers and ambient washes. On "Fly By," a shimmering synth riff blows open a spare space for Givens' dreamy vocals.

The music video, premiering here, layers the song's sounds through small frames of choreographed dances, Givens' mouth, wisps of smoke and dimly lit faces, seemingly suspended on a blanket of empty space.  

Director Aaron Sarles says the song's expression of a paralyzed relationship "reflects something fundamental about the notion of suspension, one of those delightful words that means 10 things, all related but not the same. To be suspended is to be up in the air, uncertain; in a sense this implies a paralysis, a freeze, but uncertainty is likewise kinetic and wavering, like one of those gulls you see floating in one spot, riding an invisible current of air."

The video was edited by Riley Teahan, whose work "6: An Unbirth" ran at the Contemporary Arts Center as part of the New Orleans Film Festival. For "Fly By," Teahan layered multiple frames to reflect "windows of memory."

"The three dancers featured in the video all had a unique physical response to the music, and cutting them together felt like choreographing a dance," Teahan says. "Much like memories, the images are sometimes fast and fleeting, sometimes clear and slow, sometimes they slip away, and sometimes they flood you all at once. We focused on Claire’s mouth singing because words and stories often shape how we love and how we remember."