Preview: Angel Olsen_lowres


Angel Olsen's most recent (and first) headlining show in New Orleans was barely three months ago — the Chicago-based singer/songwriter entrancing half of the Circle Bar's packed shoebox with a faithfully unplugged, acoustic showing of her 2012 debut LP Half Way Home, while the other half buzzed away unaware in conversation, ignoring a mounting chorus of hushes and shushes. Olsen had already announced her expansive second album Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Jagjaguwar) and issued a jolting volt in the way of electric lead single "Forgiven/Forgotten," two fried minutes of shock therapy for the lilting, lonesome-dove songbird; she had the ammo to silence the prattlers, but she lacked the army. So she just kept on playing her guitar and singing to those who would listen. With this tour, reinforced by a high-watt backing band and a record of considerable amperage, Olsen's fire burns for more witnesses: the solo slow dances of Half Way Home resonating in a grand ballroom on "Dance Slow Decades," the Daughters of Roy Orbison lowdowns getting a healthy dose of buzzy psychedelia on "Hi-Five." That dynamic range cuts both ways, as closing duo "Enemy" and "Windows" make Olsen sound closer and quieter than ever, stripping away all but a simple strum to spotlight her quivering soprano and arrowhead message ("You want to move in me like you did before/ But I've had my fill"). And to those who would talk through it: "Sometimes the ones we trust may have to give up listening." Typhoon headlines; Phox and Natural Blonde open. Tickets $13 in advance, $15 day of show. — NOAH BONAPARTE PAIS