Painting with Animal Collective, a supergroup in reverse_lowres


Animal Collective has always come across as a gang of incredibly talented grown-up kids, tapping into something wild and primal that most adults either repress or lose altogether. As with all daring artists, it's the thing people love and hate most about the band. Its songs can be at once unforgettably catchy and unshakably irritating, a contradiction that gets at the very heart of what makes the group so fascinating: a trendsetting psychedelic jam band that couldn't care less about trends (but do love a hook), whose most orthodox legion of fans might reject every adjective that captures it best. They also have become, somewhat by accident and in the oldest-fashioned sense of the word, the world's unlikeliest supergroup — sheerly by virtue of the members' exceptional solo output, which long ago (circa Sung Tongs/Person Pitch) surpassed the quality of their work together, and the stubborn fact that they never broke up. The kids moved away and had kids, and what began in a Baltimore elementary school is now an intercontinental chain letter, a blended Scotch made up of more distinguished and distinguishable single malts. Centipede Hz and the new Painting With (Domino) are not Noah Lennox's Tomboy or Avey Tare's Enter the Slasher House, but they still will give you the Feels. Actress opens. Tickets $25.