The Coathangers return from a Nosebleed Weekend_lowres


Louis C.K. opened his New Orleans shows last week with 10 minutes of lighthearted abortion comedy. (The punchiest line: "It's OK to shoot someone if they're in your house.") Despite the attention-grabbing hook, The Coathangers are miscast as a protest band: The all-female Atlanta punk trio formed 10 years ago as a laugh ("Arthritis Sux"), and now mostly focuses on inciting pogo riots at its concerts ("Springfield Cannonball"). But in this new age, dancing can be just as cathartic as marching. Last year's Nosebleed Weekend has its weak spots — composed opener "Perfume" seems designed to throw off the band's mosh-pit scent — yet it also has a song that makes you reconsider "Rubber Duckie"'s street cred ("Squeeki Tiki") and a mouthful of uppercut lip ("I still love you darlin', but you're so dumb / Lookin' like a little baby, should be suckin' your thumb"). It also owns an interesting piece of history: the first production since the early 1980s captured at Los Angeles' Valentine Recording Studios, recently reopened by producer Nic Jodoin and home to legendary sessions by The Beach Boys, Bing Crosby and Burl Ives. There's no better way to break the place in. Yikes and Casual Burn open. Tickets $10.