Lydia Lunch RETROVIRUS plays Santos Bar 

Lydia Lunch, the snarling icon of New York's No Wave movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s — and New Orleans resident of the early 1990s — is bringing her current project, RetroVirus, to Santos Bar Oct. 4.

RetroVirus is billed as "an all-star cast of sonic brutarians in a no-holds-barred survey of her musical output from 1977 to the present," and features Weasel Walter, Bob Bert and Tim Dahl. 

Lunch first came to prominence with her band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and has since collaborated with many artists, recording and doing spoken word performances. During her time in New Orleans, she recorded one of her best-reviewed albums, Shotgun Wedding, with the late Australian musician Rowland S. Howard.

Earlier this year, she spoke to music journalist Patrick Emery about her time in Louisiana:

"It was really depressed and cheap [in New Orleans], I didn’t know anyone there, so that was a good reason. I was just called to the South, and then when I got there I thought it was a good place to invite Rowland to come down to do our project Shotgun Wedding. After then I moved to San Francisco, then Pittsburgh, I’ve lived in many places.

"But New Orleans, at the time, pre-Katrina, the hurricane but a man-made disaster, had a unique soul outside of mainstream America, which was mainly because of the voodoo, the black music, the geography of the place, which is a few metres under sea level, which traps in a lot of energy, which makes something like voodoo an obvious thing. Because when energy is trapped, it’s gotta go somewhere, and it’s going to squirrel around your house and cause shadows to form et cetera et cetera."

Tickets are $12 in advance and on sale now. Here's a live performance from Lunch at the now-defunct Jed's Bar on Oak Street: