George Clinton lands his Mothership at Tipitina’s_lowres


To those wondering when a spacecraft might descend and whisk you away from the madness that is Donald Trump's America circa 2017: Your intergalactic Uber has arrived. Powering up on banana peels a la Doc Brown's DeLorean, the Mothership awaits at Tipitina's, providing credible returns on the recently reported $22 million annual expenditure by Congress for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Just as Harry Reid suspected, George Clinton has been here all along — but instead of posing the threat, he's our getaway driver. The co-pilot also should come as no surprise: DJ Soul Sister, whose "Soul Power" radio transmissions and vinyl-clad katas here over the past 20 years positioned her as the Rey to Clinton's Luke Skywalker. In real life, Luke never disappeared; he's been patiently honing his skills, training with 2Pac and OutKast, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, waiting for the moment when the orange Emperor seized control and the outlook was bleakest. That time is now. Miss Velvet & the Blue Wolf opens both nights. Tickets $38, $41 day of show, $70 two-day pass.