Back to our irregularly scheduled programming of new release highlights from New Orleans artists:

Fuzzed-out garage band Bottomfeeders released its "Blockade" 7-inch on French DIY label Six Tonnes De Chair Records, letting loose the band's pummeling, psychedelic power-pop barrage over three tracks.

Spain's Elefant Records released Rain on My Face, the latest EP from Carbon Poppies (Allison Bohl DeHart, Jonny Campos and Peter DeHart), clocking in four warm, jangly pop confectioneries, stripped-down sweet rock 'n' roll songwriting from three of its Louisiana experts.

The Convenience — the secret-weapon duo of Nick Corson and Duncan Troast, whose work has rounded out albums from Video Age, Lawn and Fishplate, among others — released its self-titled debut EP, gorgeously produced Beatles-esque pop (helmed by prolific recording engineer Ross Farbe, also of Video Age), with surprising melodic turns and killer bridges twisting through its three addictive tracks.

DAWN returns to her native New Orleans with a video for "Jealousy," bridging woozy R&B production with otherworldly Mardi Gras Indian imagery from her family's tradition to relate her heartbreak and honesty.

Jamie Joyce, who also drums for New Orleans trio Lawn, released a double dose of his anxious, romantic dream-pop, speeding through lush harmonies and glassy guitars on instant-hit "Something to Say" before moody breakdown "Lost Control."

On its debut EP Diving, The Light Set's Lauren Oglesby invites crashing waves of harmonies through delicate arrangements hanging on every word, wistful recollections of love and regret that build into life-giving hymns sung in six-part harmony.

After its 2016 stunner Plus 1 Edition, static-aged, purple-worshiping future-funk outfit Sexy Dex & the Fresh has returned with a music video for "Play Me Birdie," a high-speed single snapping up flickering synthesizers, bombshell guitar riffs and reverb-dense drum claps spinning it into a heap of worn-out tape.

Post-punk quartet Skelatin released a warped, found-footage music video for "It Takes the Pain Away," the zig-zagging title track from the band's EP out Sept. 15 on New Orleans label Strange Daisy. The band celebrates its release that night at 10 p.m. at Saturn Bar. Static Masks and Mangata open.