1. Don't plan anything you can't reschedule at late notice during the month, even during days not initially on your jury schedule. Keep your own schedule as fluid as possible.

2. Jurors can use the court's South Broad Street entrance, which is much faster and less crowded than the main entrance.

3. Bring a snack or pack a lunch. There's a fridge in the jury pool lounge to store it.

4. You may bring a laptop to get work done in the jury pool lounge, and jurors are among those allowed to bring cell phones into the courthouse.

5. Speak up. Mumbling is endemic in the courtroom. Repeated questions and unclear answers make a lengthy process even longer.

6. Dress in layers. Temperatures can differ radically around the courthouse.

7. Bring your juror ID badge to court each day. Keep it by your keys so you won't forget.

8. You're paid nothing for sitting in the jury pool or in voir dire. You're paid $10 per day of service when picked for a case requiring a verdict.

9. You can switch days for service in advance. Simply ask and jury administrators will allow you to trade one date for another during your month of service.

10. Judges will excuse you from a trial for a good enough reason, so make your case if necessary.