"Are you from here?"_lowres


It's an inevitable question when meeting anyone in New Orleans, whether natives or visitors or newly arrived residents: Are you from here? It seems a simple question, but as we observed when Gambit Special Sections Editor Missy Wilkinson wrote about her upbringing in two cities, the answer often is more complex. We asked our editorial staff members for their takes on being New Orleanians.

'I was a displaced New Orleanian from birth.'

— Missy Wilkinson, special sections editor

'I'm a seventh-generation New Orleanian.'

— Megan Braden-Perry, editorial assistant

'It's a trick question.'

— Alex Woodward, staff writer

'I didn't go to high school here, but isn't there some sort of cultural GED we outsiders could earn?'

— Will Coviello, arts and entertainment editor

'No, but my children are.'

— Kandace Power Graves, managing editor

'No ... but I've carved out my own small niche.'

— Kevin Allman, editor