Best local blogger




Best local Instagram account




Best local investigative reporter

1. Lee Zurik, WVUE-Fox8

2. David Hammer, WWL-TV

3. Travers Mackel, WDSU-TV

Best local publication

1. Gambit

2. The New Orleans Advocate

3. The Times-Picayune

Best local TV anchor

1. Scott Walker, WDSU-TV

2. Karen Swensen, WWL-TV

TIE: 3. Eric Paulsen, WWL-TV

TIE: 3. John Snell, WVUE-TV

Best local TV newscast



3. WVUE Fox8

Best local TV sportscaster

1. Fletcher Mackel, WDSU-TV

2. Juan Kincaid, WVUE Fox8

3. Lyons Yellin, WWL-TV

Best local TV weathercaster

1. Margaret Orr, WDSU-TV

2. Carl Arredondo, WWL-TV

3. David Bernard, WVUE Fox8

Best local news website




Best radio station

1. WWOZ 90.7

2. WWNO 89.9

3. WWL 870/105.3

Best local radio host

1. Stevie G and Tpot, B97 (

"They got married so you don't have to." So says a promotional bump that sometimes bookends The Afternoon Swirl, Stevie G and Tpot's long-running, chatty entertainment news and gossip show that airs from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays on B97. And it's true: Half the fun of listening to the show is the ability to eavesdrop on the good-natured, literal old-married-couple bickering of its hosts, who reportedly met and got together while working at the radio station. In between Top 40 spins, catch Stevie G's faux-exasperated sighs and pedantic explanations of the day's hot takes to a cheerfully oblivious Tpot, as well as Tpot's high-pitched but no less vociferous defenses of classic Britney Spears jams and her sweet stories about the antics of their young daughter. The show is a funny combination of inane and intimate, and its local emphasis is a nice change from the generic, nationally syndicated content that dominates much of radio. You won't find hard-hitting discussion of the issues here, but by 5 p.m., who needs it?

2. Garland Robinette, WWL (

3. Scoot, WWL (

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