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Does the New Orleans Police Department “treat the LGBTQ+ community with courtesy, professionalism, and respect”? Should the department offer to translate its documents into other languages?

NOPD has released two surveys — one aimed at LGBTQ+ residents, the other at Spanish and non-English speakers — seeking feedback as part of its compliance efforts with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Danny Murphy, Deputy Chief of the NOPD’s Compliance Bureau, which oversees its federal reform efforts, says the surveys are an opportunity for “focused feedback on really important topics to make sure the department is providing the services we need to provide.”

The surveys won’t spur a “one-off process,” Murphy says, but will begin what is likely to be an annual review of NOPD policy, based around community response.

Roughly 250 people have responded to the LGBTQ+ survey since its release earlier this month.

The survey covering “limited English proficiency” services follows provisions in the consent decree, which instructs for some kind of feedback-gathering mechanism for NOPD’s language access services, and to reflect on the results on an annual basis and make necessary adjustments.

NOPD also hosts a community meeting at First Grace United Methodist Church (3401 Canal St.) at 7 p.m. Jan. 10 to get additional feedback from Spanish-speaking residents.

“This year it’s becoming more systematic,” Murphy says. “This is setting up an infrastructure.”

The consent decree instructs NOPD to treat people “constitutionally and without bias,” to use appropriate language and pronouns, and prohibits profiling people against orientation or gender identity.

The LGBTQ+ surveys aren’t required by the consent decree but NOPD wants “consistent, frank feedback from communities to ensure we have best-practice policy and are living up to it,” Murphy says. “We don’t want to tell the community, ‘It’s going to be this way.’”

The surveys are anonymous, and don’t contain any personally identifiable information. Responses won’t be shared.