In this screen shot provided by, Gia Prima, left, performs 'I Want You To Be My Baby' with her husband, Louis.

Hey Blake,

I came across an old ad for Louis Prima’s Pretty Acres Golf Course. I know there’s a Louis Prima Drive in Covington. Is that where the golf course was located?

Dear reader,

Louis Prima, born in New Orleans in 1910, made a name for himself as a trumpeter, singer and bandleader in New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas. As he rose to fame in the 1950s, Prima purchased a home and large tract of land in Covington off Highway 190. Prima’s fifth wife Gia told The Times-Picayune in 1989 that the property originally had a quarter-mile horse track and Prima later added a golf course. "He loved golf so much, he put a couple of holes inside the track," Gia said. The development, called Pretty Acres, also featured miniature golf, horseback riding and swimming.

Prima expanded the golf course to 18 holes in 1957. A 1962 ad listed Louis as owner and his brother Leon, who also was a musician, as host and manager. A motel and restaurant offered Italian cuisine from Prima’s mother Angelina.

Louis and Gia, who married in 1962, also raised their two children, Louis Jr. and Lena, at their house in Pretty Acres, as well in Las Vegas. After Louis’ death in 1978, Gia helped run and refurbish Pretty Acres, which stayed open until 1993. The land now is home to a mix of retail developments including a Walmart and Home Depot. The area features Louis Prima Drive as a nod to its past. There also is a Pretty Acres dog park and walking trail nearby.

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