Red cocktail with raspberry

One mayor of the city has a street named after him and shares his name with a classic cocktail. As we continue our look at some uniquely New Orleans drinks to cool down with this summer, how about a Roffignac?

Legend has it the cocktail is named for Joseph Roffignac, mayor from 1820 to 1828. Before coming to Louisiana from his native France, he was known as Count Louis Philippe Joseph de Roffignac. He was a wealthy merchant and banker who served in the Louisiana Legislature. As mayor, he is said to have introduced street lighting and paved streets and is credited with organizing the fire department and public schools.

The origins of the Roffignac cocktail are murky, with some saying he invented it and others giving more fanciful explanations for its creation. Recipes vary, but most include rye whiskey, brandy or cognac (the Roffignac family was known for manufacturing a cognac in France), grenadine or raspberry syrup and seltzer or soda water.