Blakeview: Popp Bandstand in City Park_lowres


This week we mark the centennial of a City Park landmark, Popp Bandstand, which was dedicated on July 4, 1917. The bandstand, located between the Peristyle and the old casino (now home to Morning Call) was designed to replace an older bandstand constructed in 1902. According to Sally and William Reeves in their book History of City Park New Orleans, local timber industry magnate John Popp donated $7,500 for its construction. He and his wife were lovers of music as well as neoclassic architecture (the kind displayed in the Peristyle) and hoped for a similar design in the new bandstand. It was designed by architect Emile Weil, who also designed the Saenger Theatre and Touro Synagogue. A frieze under the dome features an inscription to Popp, who died in 1918. His wife, Rebecca Grant Popp, who died 10 years later, left $25,000 in her will for a memorial fountain in the park. The Popp Fountain was completed in 1937. It was built by laborers hired by the Works Progress Administration and features designs by artist Enrique Alferez.