Louisiana's election season lasted longer than those of most other states, thanks to our unusual jungle-primary system. Now that the Dec. 8 runoffs are over, a recap of the political season is in order. Read more

There’s great interest across the country in next week’s midterm primary elections, but here in Louisiana the attitude mostly is ho-hum. Neither U.S. Senator from our state is up for reelection, and polls show no close races in the six U.S. House races on the ballot. There are a few judicial… Read more

The Nov. 6 midterm elections are not hotly contested in Louisiana, at least not at the federal level. However, the ballot contains a number of important races for state and local offices as well as seven statewide propositions. Early voting begins Tuesday, Oct. 23 and continues through Oct. 30. Read more

The Nov. 6 ballot contains some important propositions that voters across Louisiana must decide. The propositions include six proposed constitutional amendments and a parish-by-parish vote to authorize fantasy sports betting. Here are our recommendations. Read more

Irvin Mayfield’s trial on 23 felony counts of money laundering and federal conspiracy during his tenure as artistic director of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO) has been pushed back to April 29, 2019, giving the famed trumpeter time to build a robust defense. Given a recent audit report… Read more