Louisiana is unique among southern states for its rich ethnic and cultural diversity. Our music, our food, our architecture, our traditions — even our languages — reflect that richness. Politically, our diversity presents challenges as well as opportunities. Unlike other Southern states, Louisiana has no single ethnic majority. That means we have to work together if we are to progress.

  The race for governor likewise presents both a challenge and an opportunity. One candidate, John Bel Edwards, has campaigned on the themes of honor, inclusion and bipartisanship; the other, David Vitter, on fear, anger and division. We choose the former, and we urge our readers to do likewise.

  John Bel Edwards has proved he can reach across party lines to work closely with colleagues of all political persuasions. He offers a vision of Louisianans working together to create a brighter future. David Vitter, by contrast, will bring the partisan divide that has gridlocked Congress to the halls of our state Capitol. That's how he has campaigned from Day One, and there's no reason to believe he suddenly will change if he's elected governor. Our state's problems are daunting enough; we don't need to take on the added challenge of gridlock and partisanship. We need a governor who will unite us, not divide us. John Bel Edwards will be that kind of governor.

  There are two other statewide races on the ballot this Saturday, Nov. 21. In the contest for lieutenant governor, we recommend former Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser. His energy is contagious, and his passion for public service will be an asset to whomever wins the governor's race. In the race for attorney general, we support incumbent Buddy Caldwell. He has the experience — both in the courtroom and in the office — that Louisiana needs. Our ballot below also contains our recommendations in local runoff elections.

  We hope all our readers will vote this Saturday. When people vote, our democracy is always the winner.