New Orleans voters go to the polls this Saturday, April 21, to choose a new at-large member of the City Council. We reiterate our recommendation of District B Council member Stacy Head for this important post. Head was first elected to the council in 2006 and was re-elected handily four years later. During her tenure on the council, Head has proved herself to be a budget hawk who finds ways to fund critical services — while challenging expenditures she considers wasteful or excessive. In her first term, she questioned then-Mayor Ray Nagin's sanitation contracts, which current Mayor Mitch Landrieu renegotiated.

  Head shares many of Landrieu's goals, but she has not hesitated to disagree with him when she feels his proposals need improvement. Although we generally support Landrieu's reform agenda, we believe every mayor needs a counterbalance on the City Council. Head fills that role well. Above all, Head has been ultra-responsive to constituents' questions and requests for help.

  As an at-large council member, Head will bring her abundant energy and focus to bear on behalf of all citizens. We therefore recommend our readers in New Orleans elect Stacy Head to the at-large seat on the council this Saturday.