Ronnie: Great

Mr. Virgets, your wry humor and sharp wit are delightful to read. I enjoy your unique views on the subjects about which you write. I'm also glad to see you in action after hearing a bit about your Katrina adventure. I don't live in New Orleans any more, and just recently found the Best of New Orleans Web site. I know the city has a long way to go in recovering, but it's heartening to see that sense of humor.

Jan Freeman


Ronnie: The Greatest?

Ronnie is the greatest. He alone among today's writers captures the essence of life in New Orleans. From reminiscing about his youth spent along Bayou St. John to his undying love for the Fair Grounds, Ronnie speaks in a voice familiar to all of us who grew up in that fabulous city. His characters are the streets, the barrooms, the restaurants and the Yats and Swells who inhabit them. Ronnie is New Orleans.

Buz Kiefer


Charitable Cause, Pt. I

Before reading the excellent plea for saving the ancient Charity Hospital, by Veleka Gray, I had read the same story in The New York Times, saying that there was a possibility that it would be demolished. I live in New York, and am saddened to see so many of our great monuments being destroyed. I have often visited New Orleans and value seeing the treasures from the past. So many of them were destroyed by the hurricane and are gone forever! I feel that those that remain should be and preserved as much as possible. Our famous Carnegie Hall nearly fell to the wreckers to make way for a newer building. I join with Ms. Gray in pleading that Charity Hospital be saved.

Martin D.W. Cosand

New York, NY

Charitable Cause, Pt. II

I couldn't agree more with Veleka Gray. As a native New Orleanian now living in Arizona, I cannot imagine New Orleans without Charity Hospital. It represents the heart and soul of the city and epitomizes that which is missing in so many of our country's health-care communities today. Please don't let Charity go without a fight! The doctors are fighting for it, and we should, too! My father dedicated 25 years to Charity as the director of psychiatry and would be appalled by its potential demise.

Sarah Super Ascher