Two years ago, Gambit asked Rev. Kevin Wildes, chair of the city Ethics Review Board and president of Loyola University if the city's new Office of Inspector General would help the state ethics board pursue local violators of state campaign finance laws. It's a question that remains unanswered as the city waits for its third IG to take office next month — after a week of office intrigue and turmoil. In 2007, Wildes said the city ordinance that created the watchdog office calls for the IG to prepare annually by September "a scope of work for the office's activities over the coming year." The ordinance also calls for the IG to be "operationally independent" of the mayor, the city council and the Ethics Review Board. The city panel then appointed Robert Cerasoli as the city's first IG. After a public struggle at City Hall for everything from financing to office supplies, Cerasoli resigned for health reasons in January. His hand-picked successor, interim IG Leonard Odom, recently accused Cerasoli of buying unnecessary computer equipment and getting too chummy with the board. State auditors are investigating the claims. Odom has been ousted. Neely Moody, whom Odom appointed last month as the city's first independent monitor of NOPD, suddenly resigned last week, adding more confusion. New IG Edouard Quatrevaux, who plans to take office in mid-October, said in a statement last week that there was "internal strife" under Odom, but "personal agendas" will not be tolerated once he takes charge. — Allen Johnson Jr.