"The spurious argument of not wanting to create racial divisiveness insults, and declarations of lack of money ring hollow in the ears of those who entrusted their confidence to Senator Murray. Now we see the old two-stepping routine of one wanting to be the spook that anoints the new king and the one who sits by the door. What we see is a man who thoughtlessly led us down the primrose path and selfishly left us up the creek without a paddle, a man who lacked the courage of his stated convictions." — The New Orleans Tribune, in a staff editorial lambasting state Sen. Ed Murray for dropping out of the New Orleans mayor's race.

  "The race isn't over. I don't believe any of these frickin' polls." — Mayor Ray Nagin on WBOK-AM, the day after Troy Henry called a press conference to blast the media for what he saw as unfairly racially based political analysis.