"Senator Vitter must resign his post, too ... The public's perception of Vitter as a sleazy, hypocritical Christian only served to tarnish the name of Christ among unbelievers." Joe Glover, head of the Family Policy Network (FPN), a conservative Christian organization which this week called for Sen. David Vitter to step down. After Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., stepped down in the midst of his own sex scandal, liberal political commenters like Rachel Maddow contrasted Weiner's resignation with Vitter's refusal to do so in 2007, when he admitted his association with the "D.C. Madam." FPN, which says its primary issue is "definition of the traditional family," was the first conservative Christian organization to call for Vitter to step down this year. Vitter's office did not comment.

  "Louisiana has family values, Christian values and is anti-pornography." — Sen. Mike Michot, R-Lafayette, expressing his support for a ban on sexually explicit content on all cable TV systems across the state. Rep. Sam Jones, D-Franklin, had proposed House Bill 142, which would bar any "public entity" from buying or selling sexually explicit materials — a law which would affect the Lafayette Utilities System's (LUS) cable TV service, the only publicly owned cable TV outfit in Louisiana. Michot was concerned LUS would be at a disadvantage against private cable companies like Cox if it was unable to offer its current lineup, which brings Michot's presumably anti-pornography-minded constituents pay-per-view channels like Spice:Xcess, Playboy and VAVOOM.

  "Listen, I am a prominent citizen over here with my mayor and everything. I'm just asking for a little leniency. Yes, sir. That's all I'm asking for. I don't want any trouble." — Rep. Bobby Badon, D-Carencro, during a January 2011 traffic stop by Louisiana State Police that turned into Badon's first DWI arrest. After 15th Judicial District Judge Herman Clause ruled there was no basis for the original traffic stop and threw out the charge, the Baton Rouge Advocate obtained a copy of the dashboard camera video, which also shows Badon telling Trooper James Lazard, "I'm not just a regular citizen."