Columbia Journalism Review's Ryan Chittum recently published an extensive and unflattering history of The Times-Picayune's awkward transition into a digitally focused news entity. NOLA Media Group vice president of content Jim Amoss squawked, writing that Chittum "refused our invitation earlier this year to visit our newsroom before writing a piece filled with bad assumptions, inaccuracies and preconceived notions."

  This was only technically true, in the most hairsplitting of ways. In a phone conversation with Gambit, Chittum, who is based in Seattle, said he had requested an interview when he was in New Orleans researching the story in December 2012 — in other words, not "earlier this year" — and never heard back from the NOLA Media Group until weeks later, when the story was about to be published. Gambit emailed Amoss, offering him a platform to refute the rest of the story's "inaccuracies," but never heard back. — KEVIN ALLMAN