Krewe du Vieux takes witty slap at Mayor with "Dizneylandrieu"_lowres


  Krewe du Vieux is one of Carnival's most outrageously satirical krewes (d'Etat and Tucks being two others), but its 2014 procession, "Where the Vile Things Are," may have outdone itself with a lethally witty slap at Mayor Mitch Landrieu and our rapidly changing (read: gentrifying) city. The subkrewe of SPANK'S "Dizneylandrieu" float featured an effigy of Landrieu wearing mouse ears ("Mitchey Mayor") in front of a St. Louis Cathedral that had been turned into a Disney princess castle.

  Marching "Mitchkateers" gave out copies of a brochure guide to "Dizneylandrieu," which outlined "every mayor-approved adventure in the Gentrified Kingdom." It featured rudely renamed attractions like Jacked-Up Square, Flash Mountain, Marlin [Gusman]'s Playhouse, 200,000,000 Gallons Under the Sea and "It's A White World." Ouch.