With the Louis Armstrong International Airport in the midst of a $417 million facelift, officials in Kenner are worried the changes could impact the city's sales tax base. The taxes Kenner receives from airport sales are based on the airport's footprint, which is undergoing changes. City officials asked Rep. Tom Willmott, R-Kenner, to introduce House Bill 976 to keep up with the anticipated changes at the New Orleans International Airport Sales Tax District.

  Willmott's bill defines a "terminal building" as including "all facilities, appurtenances, and concourses necessary or convenient for the facilitation of commercial aviation passenger travel." No matter what happens during the upgrades, the broad definition should keep sales taxes flowing into Kenner's coffers, Willmott told House members recently. The House approved the bill unanimously. It now awaits action in the Senate. — Jeremy Alford