"I'm the shady politician, right? But what happens when [Gov. Bobby] Jindal turns down billions of federal money for Medicaid — to help people in need, a program that could mean as much as 17,000 jobs! — just because he doesn't want to be seen as taking anything from [President Barack] Obama, which is going to hurt him with the right-wingers? Who's the self-serving one then? Is that good government?" — Former Governor and current Congressional candidate Edwin Edwards, in a lengthy profile by Mark Jacobson in New York magazine.

  The piece was full of EWE's typical quips, many of which the national press hasn't heard (at least, not recently), but there was a new one. On the morning after U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in a Republican primary, Jacobson joked to Edwards that the former governor might convert to Judaism (Cantor is Jewish). "It is hard to replace someone like Eric Cantor," Edwards told the reporter. "I could never be that big an asshole."