New Orleans drivers who pay to park on their street soon will have to pay more. The New Orleans City Council approved changes to the city's residential parking permit program, which were proposed by the Department of Public Works and approved by the City Council's Public Works Committee on July 7. The annual permit fee will rise from $15 to $30, or $20 for people age 65 and older.

  According to Public Works Director Mark Jernigan, residents will soon be able to apply for permits and permit renewals on the city's website (

  The new parking regulations include a transferrable visitor's permit that residents can use to allow visitors to park on the street without receiving a ticket. The visitor's pass costs the same as a residential permit. Also available is a daily visitor's pass, at $4 a day (or $2 for people age 65 and older). "Temporary residents," or residents applying for a permit with out-of-state tags, can apply for a $15 temporary pass, and students can apply for a parking permit for $20 a semester.