The count: money raised by prominent New Orleans business leaders for anti-Charbonnet PAC_lowres


Not For Sale NOLA has distributed several mailers and posted videos attacking former Municipal Court judge and New Orleans mayoral candidate Desiree Charbonnet in the leadup to the Oct. 14 primary election. The PAC's membership had remained a mystery, but recent campaign finance records show the PAC is funded by several familiar, deep-pocketed local business leaders, developers and charter school advocates with long-running connections to Louisiana politics.

  Leslie Jacobs and Lane Grigsby each donated $40,000 to the PAC. Donating $25,000 each were Jay Lapeyre and Stuart Phillips. Donald "Boysie" Bollinger and Crescent Bank & Trust (whose CEO is Gary Solomon Sr.) gave $15,000 each. Donating $10,000 was Mohamad Motahari through WTD Publishing. Motahari is an associate of Frank Stewart.

  In a statement to WWL-TV the group warned against "cronyism and patronage" among candidates in the election. The PAC isn't endorsing a candidate.