New Orleans' hot dog invasion expands to Slidell with the opening of Bruiser's_lowres



Calling all encased meat lovers: The spread of laid back, hot dog-centric restaurants has reached the Northshore with the arrival of Bruiser's in Slidell.

Bruiser's (founded in order to "bring a little bit of New Orleans to the Northshore") opened quietly around Thanksgiving, making its home in a former Gulf Coast Oil gas station that feels charmingly antiquated and playful.


The restaurant's primary claim-to-fame and standout item is the "barduca dog" which features chili, cheese, bacon and coleslaw piled high atop a 1/3 pound, footlong hot dog that has been (wait for it) deep fried. If you still want your dog fried but aren't quite ready for the full third-of-a-pound, the "duca dog" weighs in at a scant 1/4 pound, and still provides a crispy, meaty crunch.

Non-fried hot dog options include the "New Yorker" (grilled with spicy mustard, onion sauce and sauerkraut) and the "breakfast dog" (cheese, scrambled eggs, grilled onions/peppers, bacon and pico).

WHAT: Bruiser's Hot Dogs

WHERE: 1904 Front St., Slidell

WHEN: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.