Three Muses Maple closes_lowres

Three Muses Maple, an offshoot of the Frenchmen Street nightlife hub, has closed.

It’s been a hard week for restaurants in the city. First, the owners of the Irish House on St. Charles Avenue announced they were shutting its doors. Bywater hub Oxalis called it quits after a three-year run. And now, Three Muses Maple (7537 Maple St), an offshoot of the popular Frenchmen Street music and small plates spot, has closed.

[jump] All three of the restaurants closed Wednesday, adding to a long list of eateries that have closed over the past few months.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” said chef Dan Esses, who opened the Maple Street restaurant and nightlife spot in fall of 2016, nearly five years after the Frenchman location opened.

Like the flagship, the Uptown restaurant and bar hosted nightly music, and served a creative menu of globally-inspired small plates.

Esses concedes that it was hard to make ends meet at the Maple Street eatery, located in a quieter and more residential stretch.

“For us, we just had a slow start to 2017 right off the bat … Rather than wait and close when (we were) in major stress, we decided to get out now,” Esses said.

The Maple Street property has since been sold to out-of-town restaurant owners, which Esses describes as a “not corporate” group who operate a few other restaurants in other cities.

Esses runs the Frenchman Street Three Muses with singer Sophie Lee. Esses also is in the process of opening a Kosher restaurant inside Tulane University's Hillel house at 912 Broadway St.

The restaurant, called Rimon, which is the Hebrew word for pomegranate, will be open to students and the public, Esses said.

The all-Kosher menu will feature healthy fare, including a faux “Caesar” salad, made with romaine lettuce, fried kale, tomatoes and a creamy miso dressing, a curried chickpea burger on a house-made bun and a turkey club made with beef bacon.

Esses said Rimon will open in August.