"Bye Bye Bywater": Tourism video gets a lethally satiric parody_lowres


Well, the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation can't be happy about this parody of their "Discover the Bywater" tourism video.

Foster Bear Films, a local production company, released this answer video produced by "some of our close friends," and it's hilarious - especially for those of us graybeards who can remember when rents on "the Poland side of the tracks" were closer to $200 than $2,000.


"My favorite way to get around town? Steal a bike!"

"This riverfront park is great for watching the New Yorkers native to the neighborhood."

"This part of town? Packed with plenty of price-gouging to keep you broke all day long!"

"I've seen it go from a beautiful blue-collar neighborhood into a faux-art district culinary fuckin'.... thing? I've seen black go white; I've seen white go whiter."

For reference, here's the original, hosted by The New Movement's CJ Hunt: