The Krewe of Muses previewed its new officers' float, titled "Goddessey," in reference to Homer's Odyssey.  The float features a gold-leafed Pegasus at the front, and a canopy of giant peaches as lanterns from a tree on Mt. Helicon at the rear of the float. It will be the first float in the krewe's parade Thursday, Feb. 8 on the Uptown route.

The float was designed by krewe member Susan Giselson and Skip Stander of Blaine Kern Artists. The Pegasus figure is the front of a vessel riding on clouds, and the sides feature friezes in silhouettes of the nine Muses, designed by Giselson. In Greek mythology, Mt. Helicon is where the Muses were born.

[jump] "Memory is the mother of the Muses," Giselson says of the concept. "Knowledge is illuminating."

The peaches represent art's immortality, she says.

The designers began work on the float more than three years ago. Construction began in May 2017, Stander says.

Construction of the float involved a combination of new technology and classic techniques. The Pegasus largely was carved by a robot, but elements such as its mane were finished by hand. Also, the Pegasus is covered in 23-karat gold leaf, also applied by hand.

In mythology, the Pegasus' hooves created the springs on on Mt. Helicon. On the float, a mosaic of mirrors forms a waterfall flowing from the mountain.

The tree is hung with 130 lanterns in the shape of peaches.

The float will carry nine krewe officers, serving as the nine Muses.

Last year, the krewe introduced a multi-trailer float featuring a procession of rubber ducks. The krewe also has a signature bathtub float for its Sirens and a lighted shoe for the Honorary Muse.