Uptown Bud’s Broiler location to close Sunday_lowres

Uptown Bud's Broiler will close this Sunday, and a second location of El Libre will open in its place.

Uptown burger hub Bud’s Broiler (3151 Calhoun St.) will serve its final patties this Sunday, when the nearly 40-year institution closes its doors. It will be replaced by an Uptown location of El Libre.

[jump] The Dumaine Street Cuban cafe and cocktail bar will open its second location in the space early next year, says proprietor Blake Lindberg.

Lindberg says he grew up eating at the Uptown burger joint - visiting "at least once a week" during high school. He will serve burgers and fries for Bud's fans while building upon El Libre's Cuban and Caribbean themes.

Most of the current El Libre dishes, such as ropa vieja, maduras and Cubanos, will be offered, as well as Cuban and Caribbean-inspired po-boys, Lindberg says. A ropa vieja po-boy will be filled with spiced roast beef debris, and a Cuban-inspired cochon de Lait po-boy likely will be on the menu. Part of what has made the French Quarter location  a success are its rum cocktails, and Lindberg says he plans on renovating the new space to include a bar with a similar theme.

If everything goes smoothly, Lindberg says he hopes to open in February 2018.