The Rip-Off Show celebrates two years as the only comedy game show in New Orleans_lowres

Geoffrey Gauchet hosts the monthly comedy show The Rip-Off Show.

Billed as New Orleans' only comedy game show, The Rip-Off Show - partially inspired by Comedy Central's rapid-fire pop culture goof-off @midnight - turns two whole years old when it returns Saturday, March 25.

Six months into performing comedy, Geoffrey Gauchet had an idea for a show of his own and pitched it to Hi-Ho Lounge. "They booked me every month off the bat which was scary - 'oh, I would have to follow through with this,'" he says. Since 2015, The Rip-Off Show has run in three states, five cities, two comedy festivals and monthly at Hi-Ho.


With a panel of local and touring comics, Gauchet hosts a show with rapid-fire jokes, riffs on internet goofs and pop culture, Jeopardy- and Price Is Right-styled rounds and short stand-up sets. Guests receive prompts ("Republican cocktails") and come up with, hopefully, winning answers ("My best friends are Black and Tan"), or compete in special rounds like "This Or That," in which comics guess the contents of hyper-zoomed-in images ("Juggalo or cat?"). Winners get a very bad DVD.


Gauchet and writers Will Monson, Jacob Mayer and Stephen Heno post ideas and links to weird internet shit and other potential show fodder to a Slack channel, then meet to bounce around ideas and come up with answers of their own. "Content-wise, it's been pretty great, and really ridiculous," Gauchet says.

The lineup for March 25 includes comedians Kaitlin Marone, Isaac Kozell and Dane Faucheux with performances from Jason Leonard and Jeff McCormick.

The Rip-Off Show is 8 p.m. Saturday, March 25 at the Hi-Ho Lounge (2239 St. Claude Ave.). Admission is free. [location-1]