by Sam Winston

The Clinton Campaign's counter to Obama's recent presence in New Orleans/Louisiana for today's primary, an argument about who voted for an oil revenues bill that was pushed through in two stories by the Times Picayune and clearly re-iterated by Bill Clinton's remarks at Dillard, appears to have taken to some questionable tactics by the Clinton campaign's own admission.

This memo was released by “some random person” of the “the Louisiana for Hillary Campaign,” according to Clinton campaign Spokesman Mo Elleithee, who disavowed the memo.

"Elleithee acknowledges the memo’s author is a Clinton volunteer, but was not authorized to release the statement."-'s "The Page"

The Obama campaign released this memo defending Obama's voting on the issue and putting the two votes into the context of the situation (a bad first bill that could have opened the flood gates for endless drilling around the nation's coasts, particularly Washington state, versus the final amended bill that Obama did vote for and secured revenues for Louisiana, according to the memo).

Some might chalk this up to politics as usual, memos and disavowed memos and what not, while others might call it something more egregious. But is there any doubt that this was a focused, and organized attack from the Clinton camp both locally and nationally? And that the Times Picayune gobbled up this story line without any real caution or reaction from the Obama camp? got to the bottom of it with a simple google search.