Diamanda Galas to play Joy Theater April 11_lowres

Diamanda Galas.

Diamanda Galas (Wikipedia calls her an "American avant-garde soprano, composer, pianist, organist, performance artist, and painter," as good a description as any) comes to New Orleans April 11 for a performance at the Joy Theater as part of a North American tour.

Galas will release two new albums next month - her first in 10 years. All the Way is a collection of jazz and blues standards, while At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem is a live album recorded in May 2016.

[jump] Jon Pareles of The New York Times wrote that Galas "sings with an operatic soprano, a death-rattle rasp, work-song rhythms, sustained shrieks, long-lined modal incantations and rapid-fire gibberish; her piano can hint at bluesy boogie-woogie, tinkling Minimalism and cracked church bells." In a recent Rolling Stone profile, Galas recommends her track "O Death," saying, "In that track, you will hear jazz, bebop, the blues, the New Orleans influences - you will hear practically all of my musical influences in one track."

(In the same interview, Galas calls Don Rickles "my hero" and disses Taylor Swift - "Twiggy, what's her name, the country singer that can't sing?" - adding, "I hear that voice and I'm just like, 'Look, honey, there's a lot of things you can do with that. You can open your mouth [coughs] in the pursuit of other activities, but please don't sing.").