As you may have heard, the NFL recently issued a bag policy for New Orleans Saints game attendees, banning backpacks, fanny packs, seat cushions and coolers, among other items. And as you may suspect, the Who Dat nation has interpreted the decree as a challenge to rise to new levels of home-grown resistance via fashion accessories* a la the 2010 Who Dat debacle.

Shannon Walker Markward created Stadium Satchels, handmade nylon and faux leather bags that fall within the rule’s allowance for “small clutch bags, about the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap.” The bags retail for $40 at “I started designing Stadium Satchels as a fun and stylish alternative to the see-through bags offered by the NFL,” Markward said in a press release. “Personally, I prefer the privacy of a stadium satchel to a clear Ziploc bag.”

Stadium Satchel, $40
  • Stadium Satchel, $40

Repurposing NOLA Piece by Peace created a pouch from repurposed leftover team jerseys. The pouches cost $15 with a strap or $18 without. They will be available the week of Aug. 19, and pre-orders are being accepted now.

Repurposing NOLA pouch, $15-$18
  • Repurposing NOLA pouch, $15-$18

Or there's this clear bag, which includes a handmade fabric wallet and sells for $38 at Bats on Tees:

Clear purse, $38 at Bats on Tees
  • Clear purse, $38 at Bats on Tees

And Fleurty Girl offers this clear clutch for $19.95:

Clear clutch, $19.95 at Fleurty Girl
  • Clear clutch, $19.95 at Fleurty Girl

Of course, you could just buy the NFL-approved clear bag. Check it out!


It's not without its own panache! And that "the future is clear" vibe the NFL has going on is pure genius for appealing to all you '90s-obsessed Millennials. If the NFL wants to launch a full-on TV campaign, they might consider taking cues from this classic feat of clear product marketing:


*Edit: I keep finding out about new bags and adding them to the list, so let me know if there are others I've missed.